Private Label ChamberZoom's Business Marketing Software for Your Organization

Do you like the communication and business management tools that ChamberZoom® offers, but would like your clients to see your own brand instead of ours?

Whether your customer base has 50 people or 50,000, we can provide a solution that will help you grow your business. Contact us at and let us show you how you can have your own business management software suite up and running in just a few weeks!

We can private-label our software to meet your company's industry specific needs and even allow you to control the advertising! You can create your very own business management software, allowing your clients to organize their businesses while constantly being exposed to your brand. Licensing is a simple process and costs are based on the amount of active users you have - big or small, this can work for you.


How Licensing ChamberZoom's Business Software Benefits Your Company:

  • Increased Brand Awareness in your target market
  • Residual Income without any hassle
  • Targeted Advertising Opportunities
  • Powerful Lead Generation Tool - reach your customers' customers
  • Low Upfront Cost with Rapid Return on Investment


Lead generation through your customers' contacts:

How our business software helps you increase your client base:

  • Assume you have 1,000 clients in your database and you send them all an invitation to take advantage of your newly created business management software.
  • Assume conservatively that 5% take advantage of this and have their own customer base that average 10 clients.
  • 50 businesses x 10 clients per business = 500 potential clients exposed to your brand 40 times per month!!
  • With a 5% adoption rate you will increase your potential client list by 50%.

You determine the domain name you want to use (just check if it is available) and ChamberZoom will manage it for you - from upgrades to support, we take care of everything! With over 25 VARs in the Americas, Australasia, and Europe, as a ChamberZoom VAR, you join an elite group of marketing professionals leveraging the most powerful software on the planet.

ChamberZoom, a private labeled ChamberZoom brand for Chambers of Commerce, has a case study you may be interested in learning about. It's a success story about how in one year, the San Diego Chamber of Commerce increased sales 35% using ChamberZoom technology as the cornerstone of their growth strategy. Read the case study.

Contact us at for more details and pricing information.

For more instructions on how to setup your private-labeled portal, click here.


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