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ChamberZoom vs SalesForce

SalesForce is the largest provider of cloud-based CRM, and we here at ChamberZoom recognize that there are many companies out there that have an existing infrastructure built around it.  ChamberZoom is different in that SalesForce provides ONLY CRM, while a ChamberZoom account includes Intelligent CRM, marketing automation tools, lead scoring, predictive analytics, websites, web analytics, project management, and much more.  The beauty of ChamberZoom is that we can either work as a complete business operating system, or in tandem with another CRM like SalesForce.


The ability to track leads and convert them into customers is critical to the growth of your business. Your sales team needs a place to keep notes, share information and record conversations in order to close the sale. Using a CRM system to manage customer and potential customer relationships not only help close sales quickly, but also enables your business stay on top of feedback as well as emerging trends.  ChamberZoom automatically keeps all of these elements in synch with all of your sales, marketing and automation.


ChamberZoom's Intelligent CRM solution is untouched when it comes to features and price. ChamberZoom doesn't charge you additional fees to add more users. Unlimited users, unlimited monthly emails, with substantially lower prices are a few of the features that make ChamberZoom the perfect companion for SalesForce - and no certified trainer needed! In addition to CRM, your ChamberZoom account includes email marketing, project management, event management, website analytics and more.


And for that, we have a solution.  You can always connect SalesForce to ChamberZoom and use ChamberZoom for our marketing automation tools.  You want to leverage your existing CRM, and we're here for you.  We can help port relevant data to your ChamberZoom account, usually bringing your SalesForce campaigns in to ChamberZoom as groups.

Feature ChamberZoom SalesForce
Price (based on "Enterprise" solution) $99/month $125/month
Monthly Emails Unlimited Limited, can only send in batches of under 500 contacts
Users Unlimited 1 (Additional users cost $125/month each)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Included Included
Lead / Opportunity Management Included Included
Lead Scoring Included App Required
Predictive Analytics Included App Required with significant investment in design
Marketing Automation Included App Required
Realtime Alerts Included App Required
Email Targeting Included App Required
Email Tracking Included App Required
Email Templates Included App Required
Surveys Included App Required
Collaboration, Media File Sharing & Storage Included Included, with Chatter
Media File Download Tracking Included App Required
Event Registration Included App Required
Project Management Included App Required
Accounting / Financials Included App Required
Ticketing System Included App Required
Private Wiki Tools Included App Required
Integrated Social Media Manager Included App Required
Website Tracking with Campaign Filtering Included, and with automatic CRM Integration App Required
Brand Monitor Included App Required
Website / Landing Page Builder Included App Required
Mobile Marketing

$1.50 phone number/month
1.5 cents/SMS

Included inbound call manager with text-to-speech, caller recognition and CRM integration

Included click-to-call with automatic CRM integration

Included SMS to opt-in with automatic email address request if not already in CRM

App Required

Don't put up with paying too much for over-hyped, over-complicated software when you don't have to!

We'll help you switch - FREE! (we promise it will be easier than setting up your SalesForce account!)


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